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This company is TRULY excellent at what they do. My husband and I will continue to recommend them to anyone needing carpet or tile cleaned.

Last week our son had an upset stomach which resulted in him vomiting (red medicine no less) on our expensive "friese" type carpeting. The carpet is like a short version of the *** from the 70's (yes, I am old) and the more my husband scrubbed the worse the stain got. It was after 10:00 PM and we tried calling two other "24-hour" companies-no answer.

I frantically called my mother-in-law who also lives here in Stone Oak. She told us she has used Texas Military & Family Carpet Cleaning for years and that they never close. Nikki picked up with a friendly "It's a great day here at Texas Military and Family Carpet Cleaning, how can I help you?" Nikki explained that 80% of their clients are military or law enforcement personnel who work crazy hours, so the company is as fully-staffed in the middle of the night as they are in the morning.

A crew was dispatched. Patrick (and Michael-I think that was his name-sorry!) were at our door within 90 minutes. They looked more like businessmen than carpet cleaners in their button down shirts and ties. I immediately felt like we were in good hands. The stain was removed, the area was disinfected and deoderized, and they were done in half an hour. The total bill was only $79.00, which my husband was thrilled about.

Tuesday they cleaned some tile and carpet for my sister in Shavano Creek, and she said they did a super job for her as well.

We have used Stanley Steemer, Dirtfree, and Chem Dry in the past. Each time we felt like we had to watch the guys while they were in our home, because they looked like they were recently released from somewhere. Texas Military & Family Carpet Cleaning is OWNED BY A RETIRED POLICE OFFICER who seems to only hire the ver best. They are the only company we will use from now on.

Thanks, Y'all!

Cindy R.

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Suwanee, Georgia, United States #237439

Texas Military and family carpet cleaning showed up an hour late the day they were scheduled to clean my carpet.The supervisor was called 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time and a person showed up at the house dressed up and not ready to clean the carpet.

We made an appointment for the next day and they were a no show. I called them many times to reschedule and they finally called and left a message 2 weeks and 2 days later. Do be mislead by this company, they say that they are for military and law enforcement but that is a facade. I am disabled and had back surgery that is why I wanted them to clean my carpet because I am unable to do it myself.

What a line of *** they told me setting a false sense of good hopes. If your military and disabled good luck, they are out to take advantage of you.

Their prices changed when the man that was dressed up showed up also.Good luck.


There is something a little fishy about this company.No one ever answers the phone, although they are supposedly staffed 24 hours a day.

I first discovered this company by recommendation of a collegue, and some time later found one of their yellow flyers on my doorstep. They claimed to be running a $145 special, the same which was offered the previous month in my co workers neighborhood on the other side of town. Initally, I went to their office, which happened to be none other than a gas station! The phone number they use comes back registered to a private cellular user.

Well, naturally all of this arose my attention. Being the natural detective that I am, I called their telephone number several times over a three day period. Finally, I decided to leave a messege, as no one actually answered IN 72 HOURS! The man who called me back claims to be a manager and an owner, so I couldn't help but wonder why he was returning telephone messeges, hmm...He was extreamly polite and professional, and told me that there had been a misprint on the address on his advertisment.It seemed he had an answer for just about everything I asked, and after a half hour conversation, and agaist my better judgement, I scheduled a cleaning for my home.

Before hanging up, the man casually meantioned that the company has a CASH ONLY policy. Red flags went up again, of course. Anyway, I checked with the Secretary of State, and this company is not registered with them and after...

Long story a company that is ACTUALLY A REAL BUISNESS.

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